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Trust in Spirit
Reclaim life & Transcend
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Welcome to Trust in Spirit
Trust in spirit will be the future branding for my spiritual books of which Trust in spirit reclaim life and transcend is the first. This book has taken many hours with contact with spirit and writing up what their view are on each heading. It has been my privilege as a medium to be able to communicate with spirit and write their words or should I say conversations.
This site gives you the opportunity to leave a review about the book and rate it. If you want to contact me, you can do this via the contact page.
I have learned a lot about what a spiritual journey is and what life is like in spirit and what happens to us when we die. I can honestly say it has been a real eye opener for me and I hope you gain as much from it as I did.
I appreciate not all will have the same level of excitement that I had when I realized we don't die we return to spirit, which is an exciting prospect that it is only the body that dies. For me I found that it challenged my thinking and put a lot of things in prospective. Yes, there are some grey area which have been discussed and outlined.
So much can be gained from a spiritual life and by this, I mean connecting with spirit. We are all born with it, our right at birth but so many of us turn of the gifts and don't re-open the connection until we die, but spirit   can support your journey through life. Help you, guide you, be there for you.   

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